Boko Haram Must Go!!

This is the time for Boko Haram [BH] to go! The people of Nigeria are tired of their senseless war against innocent people. Any force that perpetrates violence, war, crimes, adduction, etc is worthless, nonsensical and needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth! I highly welcome the international campaign to search for, find, eliminate and destroy BH. I personally dislike violence, especially the use of violence against violent people to tell them that violence and barbarities are unacceptable on the face of this earth, especially adducting innocent school children. BH is at the climax of its glory. The glory it finds in torturing, killing and adducting innocent people. Now, I am please that for once in my live time, West African Nations decided to unaminously set aside their geopolitical differences to search for, hunt, track, kill and eliminate BH. BH is not only Nigeria’s problem. It is a problem for the sub-region as well as the international community. We will find you. We will free those school girls. Your time of out and it is now time for you to go! Thanks to our African brothers and sisters along with their colleagues from other nations who are putting their lives at risk to get this job done. Enough is enough!!! It is time for this nonsense to end!

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