Arrest of Thai Politicians: Do it the Army Way?

The full story upon which this narrative is base was published by BBC on 23rd May 2014 covering the latest development of the political situations in Thailand referenced at the end of this post. The Thai Army has long-held back its involvement in the political upheavals in Thailand since the current situation ignited about a year ago. Democracy was given birth to in Thailand about 82 years ago. Since that time, it has taken the Thai’s army under different regimes to hold on to power on several occasions in the midst of varying political nightmares. Given the army’s role in the past during those periods when they seized unto power, the current Thai Army resisted getting involve in the political game plan staged between those of the Red color and their brethren of the Yellow.The army emphatically stated that politicians of both fronts needed to solve the problem quickly, amicably and peacefully so that life in Thailand can go on as before.

However, few weeks ago, a Thai court removed the PM and she did. A new PM was appointed with the hope of restoring order, peace and stability within the country. Instead, protests staged by proponents of both the Red and Yellow continue in Bangkok and other areas throughout the country. I believe that it was against this background that the Thai Military decided to step into the game and change the status quo. As the military legitimize its hold unto power and to let every citizen of Thailand know, that look, we are here for you and if these politicians are not willing to do their job, sit down and talk things out and come up with a credible and doable plan, we will! That was exactly what the military seems to be doing in Thailand. Politicians across the Red and Yellow ticket seems to be failing the Thai people. Nevertheless, as the army solidifies it hold unto the Thai leadership many questions come to the mind of the ordinary man. How long is the military going to hold unto power? When will general elections be held? With the military in the game plan now, will politicians across the political divide be willing to consciously sit down and talk like brothers and sisters? The army did indicate that it was neutral? Well, now what? Well, current situation depicts that the army “once neutral” is no longer neutral and the reason their neutrality was breach is because politicians across both colors were not willing to solve the problems and come up with a negotiable solution. So, given this situation, it was prudent and necessary in the minds of the Thai Army to act in order to reinstate law and order in a country that is at the verge of political instability, social and civil upheavals.

With these being said, the main question now is “what’s next?” What is the Thai’s military plan since the civilian government failed after being given all the time they needed to solve the problems they created and bring Thailand back on track. Yes, so what next? Well, first thing first! Let us arrest all those politicians that were involved in the political nightmare, which brought about all this fiasco. With the politicians arrested or after they turn themselves in to the military, maybe it will bring back to their consciousness that we are always around to break the coin. One would willingly ask, well, will this plan work? How would those arrested be treated? Will their human rights be protected? These, the Thai Military are responsible to protect in the midst of international law and the human rights of those politicians MUST not under any circumstances be violated or threaten to be violated. Each politicians irrespective of his or her political affiliations is a Thai Citizen and must be protected by the laws and constitution of Thailand.Suspending the constitution does not provide you with the escape plan to treat people whatever you want and however you want it be done. There is something call “international law,” which also protects them plus the “common sense law.” Nevertheless, in the situation where the constitution is conditionally suspended, they are still protected by international laws to which, if violated, you will be held accountable. But, we should not go that far, because I believe the military has provided us with enough information (claims of not being affiliated or favoring any one camp in the political game). So, we hope the military will keep its words and stay truthful to the Thai people and that they will treat every politician respectfully and in accordance with national and international laws. I just wanted to point this out first before going any further with the rest of this post. Thumps up!!

Many questions are now being asked “how long will these people be held and what is the plan after they are arrested or turned themselves in to the military?” I think without being subjective here is where the Thai’s military leaders need to be very careful since the world is now watching what’s going to be next? We all know that the military held a high level profile of neutrality in this entire political frustration when it all started. The military had announced during several occasions that it didn’t want to get involved in the government’s and oppositions’ propaganda, but what it was only interested in is that these leaders bring the situations to a close and by find a solution. Did it happened after the PM was removed from power? No! The oppositions staged new campaigns that the entire government be removed and an unconstitutional and “people’s appointed committee” be putted into government duties to run the country, this was their initial protest. Was it too ambitious? Who knows?

Well, that is it! So, it seems that the military ran out of the oil that keeps lubricating their patience not to get involve. Was it right for the military to get involved at this point when Thailand that should be moving towards national reconciliation and paving the way to restore democracy, law and order. Some would say that the military should stay out, while others would yet hold up their hands and yell, hell yes. Enough is enough! Well, the question is not whether the military should or should not get involve. The question is, if they do, what’s next? To be realistic, I can’t answer this question, but what I can say is that we will all follow the situation in Thailand very closely and see what’s next. With some or most of the politicians that are involved in the political upheavals being held at various undisclosed locations in the country, we will keep our finger cross that only one result would come out of this current situation, which are for peace, stability, freedom of movement, and the return to democratic rule in Thailand. So, readers if you have any comment, please feel free to add your voice and let us pray with the people of Thailand, that in the “near future,” peace, law, order, stability, freedom and democracy will be restored in its totality.

God bless!

Original BBC News Post: Accessed:23/05/2014 at 10:00 PM Indochina Time.