This analysis focuses on groups hosting African teams and provides a brief analytical summaries of the way forward to the Round of 16 at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil with emphasis on each African countries per group, their strength to progress, etc. This doesn’t covered all other countries/groups except group A, C, F, G, and H respectively. The main source of teams data per game: Accessed: 06/23/2014

Please Note: Goal difference (gd) will be a crucial determinant/factor to decide which teams/countries make the next round at the World Cup. Goals difference is calculated by subtracting goals conceded (gc) by a team from goals scored (gs) at the games. gd = gs – gc.

Some examples: If team A and Team B played a match and team A scored 4 goals, while team B had 2 goals, and a second game between Team C and D yielded the following results with team C scoring 2 and team D scored 2, below are the associated calculated goal differences between both teams. You don’t want gd to be a negative number. It should always be =/> 0 (+).

Teams GS GC GD Pts (referenced in ordered as below)

A 4 2 2 3

B 2 4 -2 0

C 2 2 0 1

D 2 2 0 1

Note: GS = Goals Scored; GC = Goals Conceded; GD = Goals Difference; PTS = Points

Analysis of Group A Standings. To the Round of 16 in Brazil with Brazil, Mexico, Croatia and Cameroon. Brazil leads the group with 4 points and 2 goals differences. Mexico has 4 points with 1-gd. Brazil needs a win against Cameroon to cement their place at the 16 and come out SUPERB! A draw between Brazil and Cameroon could be disastrous for Brazil, since that could put their qualification at the feet and mercies of Croatia and Mexico. If Brazil draws with Cameroon, in this case, they would be hoping that Croatia defeats Mexico and yet, if that happens, Croatia will lead the group, qualify to the 16 and the runner up would be determined based on goals differences between Mexico and Brazil. On the other hand, Mexico comes second right now to Brazil in the group standings. Mexico plays Croatia next who comes 3rd in the group with 3 points and 2 goals differences. Mexico needs a 2-0 win against Croatia to dethrone Brazil for the group dominance and qualify with 7 points to the Round of 16. A draw with Croatia gives Mexico 5 points and hopes that Cameroon defeats Brazil 2-0 for both Croatia and Mexico to qualify. Croatia needs a wins a 1-0 win against Mexico to qualify for the of 16. If Croatia draws with Mexico , if would be in their (Croatia) favor for the draw to be 2-2, which neutralizes Brazil current goals differences in which case both Mexico and Croatia will qualify even though a draw of such nature would mean that Cameroon MUST defeat Brazil at least 1-0. As for Cameroon, play or not play, their prospects for the round of 16 vanished after their LOW performance during their last game with Croatia in which they conceded 4-0. On June 23, 2014 at 4:00 PM ET, Cameroon plays Brazil, while Croatia takes on Mexico for the group’s final matches.

Final Teams to the round of 16 from Group A: Brazil and Mexico

Analysis of Group C Standings. To the Round of 16 in Brazil with Colombia, Ivory Coast, Japan and Greece. Colombia leads the group with 6 points and 4 goals differences. Ivory Coast has 3 points with 0-gd. Colombia already qualifies for the round of 16. Win or loss their next match to Japan would either make them group leaders or runner up. Colombia needs a win against Japan to cement their group dominance! A draw between Colombia and Japan disqualifies Japan automatically, since Japan currently has only 1 point. Colombia really don’t have anything to loss EXCEPT to make history. However, if Ivory Coast wins Greece 4-0, they will top the group and hopes that Japan defeats Colombia. A 2-0 win for Ivory Coast against Greece with a 2-0 for Japan against Colombia could also see Ivory Coast topping the group, qualifying for the round of 16 and effectively neutralizing the 4 goals difference own by the Colombians. As for Greece and Japan, both teams need a significant win to legitimize their place in the 16. Unfortunately, only 2 teams per group make the ticket to the 16. For Japan, she needs a 2-0 win against Colombia to effectively have 4 points and neutralize the -1 gd she currently have and hopes Greece defeats Ivory Coast 1-0. A draw with the Colombians disqualifies Japan. Greece needs a 3-0 win against Ivory Coast to be considered for the round of 16 and effective neutralize their -3 goals difference and hopes that Colombia wins and draws with Japan. In all cases, the group current standing is interesting and any team at this moment could join Colombia to the round of 16. On June 24, 2014 at 4:00 PM ET, Japan plays Colombia, while Ivory Coast takes on Greece for the group’s final matches.

Final Teams to the round of 16 from Group C: Colombia and Ivory Coast

Analysis of Group F Standings. To the Round of 16 in Brazil with Argentina, Nigeria, Iran and Bosnia. Argentina leads the group with Nigeria. Argentina is already in the Round of 16, but needs a win or draw against the Nigerians to maintain leadership. Nigeria needs a win to dethrone Argentina from leadership. If draws, Nigeria qualifies with Argentina. Iran needs 2-0 win against Bosnia and hopes Argentina defeats Nigeria 2-0 to qualify with Argentina. A draw between Iran and Bosnia cement their disqualifications. On June 25 at 12:00 PM ET Iran plays Bosnia, while the Nigeria takes Argentina for the group’s final matches.

Final Teams to the round of 16 from Group F: Argentina and Nigeria

Analysis of Group G Standings. Round of 16 in Brazil with Germany, USA, Portugal and Ghana. Germany needs a win or draw against the USA to qualify. The USA needs a win or draw against Germany to qualify. Ghana needs a win of at least 2-zero against Portugal to qualify and hopes Germany defeats the US 2-0 to neutralize goals difference should Ghana win 1-0. A draw between Ghana and Portugal disqualifies both teams. Portugal needs a 5-zero win against Ghana and hopes Germany beats the USA 1-0 to qualify. On June 26 at 12:00 PM ET Ghana plays Portugal, while the USA takes Germany for the group’s final matches.

Final Teams to the round of 16 from Group G: Germany and USA

Analysis of Group H Standings. To the Round of 16 in Brazil with Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea. Belgium leads the group with 6 points and 2 goals difference with Algeria at 3 points and 1 goal difference. At present, Belgium qualifies to the round of 16 and only needs a draw (worst case) and a win (superb best case). If they win, it would only cement their group leadership role. Belgium plays South Korea next and a draw disqualifies S. Korea, since S. Korea currently has only 1 point with -2 goals difference. However, S. Korea needs a 3-0 win against Belgium should they want to qualify on goal difference to join Belgium, while hoping that the game between Algeria and Russia ends 1-0 to Russia. If this happens, S. Korea will qualify based on goals difference. Algeria on the other hand needs 1-0 win against Russia and hopes that S. Korea wins Belgium 3-0 to make Algeria the group leader along with Belgium who would comes in the second place, if this should happen. A draw between Algeria and Russia would be disastrous for Russia as that would translate into automatic disqualification from being considered as part of the round of 16. However, if Russia and Algeria should draw, Algeria will be hoping that Belgium defeats S. Korea, because if S. Korea wins, it is more likely for them to qualify with Belgium on goal difference against Algeria and off course that would depend on how many goals scored and conceded by both Algeria and S. Korea. Russia on the other hand needs a 2-0 win against Algeria to make it to the Round of 16 with Belgium. A draw between Russia and Algeria disqualifies Russia and in this case, if a draw is inevitable, Algeria will be hoping that Belgium defeats S. Korea. Lastly, S. Korea needs a 3-0 win against Belgium should they want to qualify and hope Russia defeats Algeria 1-0, in which case S. Korea would qualify on goal difference. On June 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM ET, Algeria takes on Russia, while South Korea embattles Belgium in the final matches of the group stages.

Final Teams to the round of 16 from Group H : Belgium and Algeria

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