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Agricultural research for development funding and fellowship opportunities

ILRI Clippings

The Platform for African-European Partnership in Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD) has announced funding and fellowship opportunities as follows.


IPNI Science Award 2014
The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) Science Award recognizes and promotes distinguished contributions by scientists involved with global ecological intensification of crop production. The award, of US$5,000, is presented each year to agronomists, crop scientists, soil scientists, and food scientists in the public and private sectors of all countries. The deadline for nominations is 30 Sept 2014.

Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative
The Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) invites proposals for Expert Groups 2014-2015. Inter-disciplinary SIANI Expert Groups contribute to understanding emerging issues related to food security and nutrition in low-income countries. If groups are not based in Sweden, they must link directly to Swedish organizations and resources. SIANA provides seed funds to group coordinators. The deadline to submit proposals is 01 Aug…

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