Royal Agricultural College: Land and Food Fellowships for Undergraduate and Post-graduate Africans 2015-2016

Source: Accessed: 10/23/2014
Source: Accessed: 10/23/2014

Source: The UK’s Royal Agricultural College offers fellowships to African students for the MSc in international rural development, and MSc in sustainable agriculture and food security. The RAC seeks applicants who have experience in agriculture and related subjects; an interest in land reform; and a desire to make a strategic and sustainable contribution to Africa’s development. The program supports up to 10 African fellows each year. The application deadline is 30 November 2014. However, the RAC invites expressions of interest earlier in order to be able to provide guidance to applicants.


Applications to study at the Royal Agricultural University must be made through the UCAS system. This applies to all undergraduate courses.
Applications need to be made by the UCAS deadline to ensure we are able to offer you a place on your first choice course. If you would like to apply during UCAS Extra or Clearing, please check that we have places available.

International Applications must be made via the UCAS system. Overseas applicants are not usually required to attend an interview at the University, but they are strongly recommended to do so. It is also recommended for candidates and their parents to visit the University by appointment, should they be visiting the country before the course starts.

Please state one or more courses for which you wish to study on the application form. We will later confirm, in writing, the course(s) for which you are to be listed as a candidate for.
You may change these preferences during the interview, if you wish to do so. If you wish later to study another course, a written request must be made to the Academic Registrar.

Many candidates obtain one or more year’s work experience before entering the University. Further advice regarding this can be obtained at your interview. The Academic Registrar can usually delay a year of entry at the candidate’s request.

Applicants who are in receipt of an offer or who are requested to attend an interview will typically also be invited to attend an Applicant Day, depending on timing and availability. These days provide the opportunity to experience what studying at the RAU will be like, to gain more in-depth information about your selected course, student finance, career options, accommodation, sports and the student union, as well as meeting other potential applicants for your chosen course. These days are designed to follow on from the RAU Open Days. They will be held early in the year to assist you in making your firm and insurance choices.

Within 10 days, following the interview, acceptable candidates will be sent a letter of offer of a place on one or more courses. This offer is conditional to the attainment of at least the minimum academic standards required.
Candidates may be offered an unconditional place if they already possess the entry requirements. Formal offers of places are forwarded by UCAS.

The University’s decision to offer a place is based solely on academic suitability for the course and will not discriminate on the grounds of disability or the level of support needed. The University endeavoured to ensure that the teaching and learning methods employed to deliver courses will meet the general needs of disabled students. However, where there may be any special adaptations required, it would be advantageous if these needs were disclosed at the time of initial application or discussed with the Disability Officer (email: at an early stage. It will not prejudice an application in any way.

Post-graduate Applicants

Applications to study for Masters and Research Degrees need to be made directly through the University.

You can now apply via our website, using the online application form. Simply press the ‘apply’ button on the relevant course page. This will also give you some supporting information about the application process. Alternatively, if you are unable access the online form you can call Admissions on 01285 889 912, or email
We recommend applicants keep a copy of the completed form for their records.

Please complete the application form below and either email a scanned copy of Parts 1 and 3 to or post them to the address opposite, which can also be found at the bottom of the form. In either case, please remember to include any additional documentation and to post your two references to us in their sealed envelopes.
Direct Entry Application Form

Applications are welcome at any time during the year (the main application period is between November and May). However, as places are limited, it is recommended that you apply as early as possible, in order to ensure that we are able to offer you a place on your first choice course. All applications should be made direct to the University on our Application Form.

You will have the opportunity to clarify the most relevant programme for your career intentions, and explore other options, during the application/interview process.

Most full-time courses are available on a part-time basis. When completing the application form, make sure you clearly indicate that you wish to study part-time. If you need any further details call Admissions on 01285 889 912.

The Registrar can normally delay the year of entry at the candidate’s written request.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to ensure that two suitable references are enclosed with the Application Form, or forwarded directly to the University. If you need the RAU to request a reference or do not wish your referees to be contacted prior to acceptance, please indicate this clearly.
One of the references should be provided by the present (or most recent) College or University tutor who is in a position to comment on past and potential academic ability. As a guideline, this reference should include past academic achievement, expected results in forthcoming examinations, aptitude and suitability for the programme as well as general information on character and achievements in administrative, cultural and sporting activities. Applicants who are or have been in employment should also provide a reference from their current or most recent employer. More details are attached to the application form.

Applicants living in the UK are usually expected to attend for interview before a place is offered. Postgraduate interviews can be arranged at any time during the year, Monday to Friday.
Although applicants from overseas countries are not usually required to attend for interview at the University, they are very welcome to arrange an appointment to visit the University should they be in the UK before the start of their programme.

Within 10 working days of interview, or receipt of all necessary documentation, acceptable candidates are sent a letter of a place on one or more programmes. This offer will be ‘unconditional’ if they already fulfil the entry requirements or, ‘conditional’ if specific academic standards or work experience is required before the candidate can be accepted. The conditions are usually the attainment of at least the minimum academic standards.

The University’s decision to offer a place is based solely on academic suitability for the programme and will not discriminate on the grounds of disability or the level of support needed.

These are sent to candidates one month prior to the start of the year. Most courses start on the first Monday in October, but please do check the start date for your course, which will be clearly indicated in the offer letter.