Islamic State is Not Islamic State: There is Nothing Islamic about Islamic State


Figure 1: A Map of the so-called “Islamic State. Source

I would like to first state that I am a God fearing Christian with the respect for every religion and believe that man has the free will and the environment therein to decide who they refer to as their essence of existence. The choices that we make today defines the consequences of our actions here and beyond. With that said, I am writing this post to governments, journalists, news or media entities in the United States and abroad that the terrors and barbarisms that we continue to see in the Middle East and else where are a result of a bunch of psycho paths who see nothing, but to use terror and barbaric acts as tactical tools for their skewed extremists’ agendas. We all know from historical records that the end of such groups and their terrorizing agendas on innocent people will be painful.

One way to set the stage to defeat this terror organization is to battle them psychologically as we confront them militarily as well as any other methods known and unknown to shorten their lifespan. The proposed psychological battle here is to stop referring to this terror organization as “Islamic State,” because they are not Islamic State. Whether or not this is how they called themselves, the fact of the matter here is that they are seeking for people of the free world to acknowledge this and this acknowledgement means we will follow through by calling them Islamic State and that process reinforce their cause and in the process we contribute psychologically by confirming that they are indeed Islamic State. We can better refer to them as a “The Terror Group” or something that undermines their main objective and that seems to be from what is posted online on several news outlet is to create an Islamic State.

First of all, what does that really means? True Islam would disagree on every ground of this terror group and their associates. This terror group can be destroyed psychologically and militarily. The psychological warfare should start by disassociating this terror from what is and will always be true Islam. Referring to this terror group as Islamic State demonizes Islam. It is like saying all Germans are supporters of Hitler, which is not true and will never be true. Millions of Germans politically differ from Hitler’s psychopathic views. Millions of Muslims from around the world views differ from that of this extreme terror organization calling themselves Islamic State. There is nothing Islamic about their motives. They are total evil and should be targeted as such and releasing news headlines in which they are coded as “Islamic State” feed into their agenda and kind off legitimizes the lens through which they want the world they view them.

The fact that they called themselves “Islamic State” for which the media rush to release every piece of the headlines feed into the psychological battle this terror and barbaric group seems to be using against people of the free world to gain attention by fear and terror. When we call this evil “Islamic State” we are simply feeding into their terror and barbaric acts. Refusal and dis-acknowledgement is an effective psychological weapon and also has effective military outcomes. The free media across this country and around the world needs to stop referring to this terror group as Islamic State. This terror group will be disorganized, dislocated, defeated, and ultimately destroyed. Islamic State is a not a state they are bunch of pathetic killers, murderers, fools, and enemies of everything that is human. They contradict every rules of military engagements, because they are neither an army. They professed to be one just to gain attention and use that to legitimize their objectives and by terror acts against all those who refuse them. You can kill or murder the physical body, but not the free will. They will be defeated and wash away from humanity like dust blown by wide winds. They will run and be defeated by the armies of justice, peace, freedom, and free will in the deserts of their fortresses. They will have no land, because all of humanity will gather against them for total annihilation. Their end is near and so they shall be defeated by the armies of the nations peace, justice, love, and freedom!!

There are several ways in which we could unintentionally finance this network of global terrorism and that is aligning our military and logistical support towards so-called “moderate Islamic groups” fighting to dethrone governments in the region. What I mean is that we usually hear this and that country here in the global north and west are considering providing arms and other forms of logistic support toward moderate Islamic groups as they fight. Using this approach is what we now see in Libya (a classic example) of how this terror group has managed to penetrate strategic geographic area to their own selfish, horrific terror and barbaric acts to the doors of Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world. Taking sizes in conflicts puts you into the middle of the conflict itself and you should be ready to accept responsibility if your weapons sent to moderate groups end up in the hands and pick-up trucks of extremists like the Terror Group.

Once and I can record, Muammar Gadaffi said, and I am paraphrasing, that he was fighting several groups of gangs and extremists calling themselves freedom fighters to turn Libya into total disorder and anarchy. Today, Libya is a classic example of a failed state where the democratic experiment initiated with our support in the name to protecting civilians has actually turned out to be a total worthless call. Security in all its forms is not attainable in Libya today where gang militia groups battle each other in the in the streets of cities in Libya in the middle of a so-called failed democratic system with a barbaric terror group planning and initiating its strategic operations in silence while we watch and say, “we did what was right”, Gadaffi-who was the problem is gone and dead. Yes, he’s gone, but what you’ve facilitated to help create is the exhibited in the current state of national insecurity in Libya where militias of all sorts and extremists perambulate the streets in total chaos, terror and insecurity. While can’t we again return to the table and re-strategize to protect civilians if their lives are at risk, which is the current state.

An other example is Syria, we yelled here and there saying that the Syrian government should leave power so that moderate groups seeking democracy can take lead of the country. Who are these groups? What are they compose off? Our actions are directly and indirectly sustaining these terror groups and their covert networks. While there is a need for institutional change in Syria, I think the Syrian authorities should do everything to battle these extremist groups before their country turn into another Libya.

Iraq, I don’t want to talk more about Iraq. We all know that our involvement in Iraq was in the first place based on false pretend and total lies. Today, Iraq has into a country where security is non-existent and with terrorism on the rise. How can we demoralize terrorism is to stop providing direct and indirect supports to terror groups whether they are moderate or not. The so-called Islamic State gain military momentum after invading strategic military posts in Northern Iraq and elsewhere in Iraq as well as Syria and gain access to large storage of weapons that we supplied to our allies.

It is now time for us to backoff, restrategize and come up with better approach to handle these conflicts and insecurities, but first starting to demoralize the so-called Islamic State by taking away the name they identify themselves by. They will keep using it, but we don’t care and if the media come up with one voice we can defeat the Terror Group and taking away the attention and acknowledgement they sought over the years.