Source: UN Women
Source: UN Women
There is a reason nature was made!
There is a reason women bear the symbolic representation of nature!
There is a reason that nature is most appropriately personalized as she/her.
There is a reason ships are called after women!
There is a reason everything becomes whole due to women!
There is a reason everything tears apart if not included women!
There is a reason that women should not just be celebrated today,
but tomorrow and for future generations to come!
Nothing without a woman is whole and nothing is whole without women!
The fruits of women are mankind and mankind will cease to exist without her fruits!
Women are the beautiful manifestation of nature and nature bears the evidence of her labors and tears!
Women are the true reason life keeps existing and the true reason life will cease if they are broken!
Women are awesome and awesomeness are the fruits of their beauty!
Women are the beauty of the earth and the universe!
Today we celebrate the strengthens of women, power, motivation,  encouragement, progress, and love!
Today the children of the Earth – Women say:
“Happy International Women’s Day.”

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