Introducing Mr. Anh Tan Huynh -INDESEEM Viet Nam


Anh Tan Huynh, Country Director - INDESEEM/Viet Nam
Anh Tan Huynh, Country Director – INDESEEM/Viet Nam


We are pleased to welcome Anh Tan Huynh to our team. Anh will head our operations in Hanoi, Viet Nam as we leverage on his expertise and networks as a development expert. Anh completed one of his Master’s degrees at Clark University in the Spring of 2012, where he studied International Development and Social Change. He has accepted our offer to serve as the Country Director of INDESEEM in Viet Nam.

He also holds a Master’s of Science degree in Agriculture Economics from Hanoi Agriculture University in Viet Nam. Anh works as the Program Manager for World Vision – Viet Nam and also served as the Project Coordinator for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Central Government of Viet Nam. He was recently hired as the Country Director for a Singapore-based company that specializes in agribusiness and agriproducts in Southeast Asia. He will lead their operations in Viet Nam and other parts of the sub-region (Mekong).

His educational background is more focused on agriculture, sustainability, and development with 17 years combined professional experience working in both the public and private sectors.

What makes Anh unique includes the following.
· He has 12 years working experience in agriculture and sustainable development.
· He has worked over 5 years for international humanitarian organizations.
· Experienced in cooperation with HELVETAS, GTZ, DANIDA, etc
· Fully understand the perspective of local farmers, local government
Anh completed his graduate studies at Clark University having completed a primary research in his home country.