Discussing Post-War Development in Liberia: A Public-Private Partnership

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, INDESEEM INCORPORATED hosted a public event at the Goddard Library at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts where the Hon. Emmanuel M. Johnson, Assistant Minister of Youth Development, and Hon. Alvin Wesseh, Assistant Minister of Regional Development Research & Extension at the Ministry of Agriculture both from the Republic of Liberia met with members of the Liberian Community in Worcester, the general public, and the Executive Leadership of INDESEEM, Inc. to discuss about identifying challenges and opportunities to accelerate the Pro-Poor Development Agenda of President George Weah’s administration. Both Assistant Ministers presented key development priorities and progress made relative to their respective ministries including challenges and opportunities to ensure that Liberia meets its sustainable development targets and goals within the overall frameworks of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development.

Mr. Jenkins Macedo, Executive Director of INDESEEM INCORPORATED – a nonprofit organization with a presence in Liberia used this occasion to highlight some of the key development projects that are in the pipeline for Liberia and thanked the delegates for devoting part of their time to visit the great City of Worcester, the Liberian Community, and INDESEEM INCORPORATED.

Macedo emphasized that moving Liberia forward from the mayhems caused by the Liberian Civil Wars and political upheavals, whether visible or invisible, will require public-private partnerships to accelerate development objectives in Liberia and stated that INDESEEM INCORPORATED in ready to positively engage key sectors of the Liberian Government to ensure that Liberia achieves its SGDs targets by 2030.