Liberia Public Library Systems Project

INDESEEM INCORPORATED has strategically allied with the World Computer Exchange, Inc. (WCE) and Books For Africa (BFA) as part of the establishment of the Liberia Public Library Systems (LPLS) – a multi-year development project which seeks to establish a network of open public libraries across Liberia with virtual connectivity that provide access to books, digital libraries, educational resources, and access to technology. The LPLS will also provide visitors access to career development and preparedness through training programs and work placement facilitation across all genders and ages.

Through the strategic alliance with WCE and BFA, over 44,000 books, other educational materials, and technology will be shipped to Liberia in 2020 to set up and furnish the Monrovia Open Public Library (MOPL) from whence the project will expand to all 15 counties of Liberia in 10 years. The overarching goal of the LPLS is to establish an open public library in each country by 2030 that is connected to the virtual network architecture of the LPLS.

Plans are also on the way that will make it possible for the Monrovia Open Public Library to be equipped with medical and agricultural laboratories two urgently needed resources that will provide research, testing, scientific, and medical evaluations on-site.

We are also working with potential partners to ensure that MOPL has a Center for the Advancement of Theater, Arts, and Photography.

About our Strategic Allies

Books For Africa – A simple name for an organization with a simple mission: to end the book famine in Africa. We collect, sort, ship, and distribute books to African students of all ages. With your help, we will help create a culture of literacy and provide the tools of empowerment to the next generation of parents, teachers, and leaders in Africa.

World Computer Exchange, Inc. a global education nonprofit connecting youth in developing countries to the skills, opportunities, & understanding of the internet.

If you will like to learn more about our Open Library Design Model and like to be part of this historic adventure slighted for the people of Liberia, please contact us and we will be glad to connect with you.

Stay tuned for more information as we and our allies prepare the staging of the Fundraising Campaign that will help us achieve this goal.