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Welcome and General Disclaimer Statement

Welcome to the International Development, Environment, Sustainability, Energy, and Eco-Systems Management (INDESEEM.org). INDESEEM is currently being developed and items will be updated and relocated as deem fit by readers and experts’ advice. Please note that the primary purpose of this blog is to disseminate information of interest to the owner and his networks to all those who visit.

Please, feel free to republish any information therein following and citing the appropriate sources. Please note that the information, posts, news, research updates, policy reviews, technical reports, and analytical tools are posted as they were retrieved from their respective original source(s). We are not liable if information retrieved from the original source or sources is no longer available.

If you have any question concerning a particular post, we highly recommend that you contact the original source of that specific post, which will be associated in a link of the post. Please bear in mind that we are not to be held liable or accountable for any incident directly or indirectly impacted by the post as we retrieved information as per-viewed basis. Furthermore, this blog is not politically or religiously motivated by any political group or religious entity. We are purely a social entity interested in distributing information across multiple social platforms.

Please feel free to read and leave comments as necessary and we will reply as quickly as possible. Should you be interested in using any image specifically related to my work, please feel free to contact me directly. Apart from that all other images, papers, reports, presentations and articles listed on any page associated with this blog please cite appropriately referencing the originators of such works and contact them for the use of any of their materials. Thanks.

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