The International Development, Environment, Sustainability, Energy and Eco-systems Management (INDESEEM) is an online information resource that is intended to reach a broader audience of those interested in international development, environment, sustainability, energy and ecosystems management, which serves as the core themes of information that are blogged or re-blogged from multiple sources. INDESEEM is an official registered domain hosted by WordPress on October 9, 2015 (URL: http://www.indeseem.org ). INDESEEM hopes to gradually be transformed and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the foreseen future.

In the meantime, the core objectives include the following:

  1. To promote its core themes through blogging and dissemination of information “as they were retrieved” to a wide range of users at the academic, technical and policy levels.
  2. To encourage information sharing through social networking thereby creating education and awareness for actions that would foster positive change.
  3. To engage in the discourses of each of the core theme areas for policy formation and actions towards change.
  4. Information worth sharing should be shared to promote greater activism across all social classes, regions and nationalities.

Core themes and Stands on Each :

  1. International Development:

We believe that international development is paramount to the fight against climate change, agricultural development and food security, poverty reduction, water security, health and sanitation, natural resources management, and sustainability. We believe that development should be holistic in planning and implementation, culturally and locally specific and sensitive, environmentally sound with an ‘applied’ context of sustainability to both the man made and the natural environments.

2. Environment:



A non-profit organization focus to ensure the delivery of reliable and credible research content, project design and implementation solutions to help solve your development goals.

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