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Professional Summary

Worcester State Alumni Sociology – BSc. ’10, Geography BSc. -’10

Macedo has 10-year experience in international development, forced migration, sustainable agriculture, positive youth development, social change, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and field research. He currently serves as the Statistical Analyst/Predictive Modeler at Road Scholar, a non-profit educational organization, which focuses on adventurous travels as lifelong learning for elderly Americans both domestically and internationally. He develops statistical and predictive models utilizing advance statistical tools to facilitate decisions making for optimal results.

His works with refugees creates awareness by engaging refugees and non-refugee communities through education. His passion for sustainable agriculture is driven by the commitment to conserve the environment, while meeting the food and nutritional security needs of communities. He used agriculture to promote social change and development. He implemented several projects to develop the human capacity to be self-reliant and resilient. His interest focuses on reducing the negative environmental impacts through environmentally friendly systems.

Field Research Project at the International Water Management Institute, Vientiane, Lao PDR. Dec. 2013 – Sept. 2014

His experiences ranges from small-scale animal production, water resources management, irrigation, regenerative agriculture, edible landscaping, eco-efficient agriculture, integrated pest/crop management, survival gardens, soil analyses and evapo-transpiration monitoring. He has passion for teaching. His passion for teaching is driven by the desire to transmit knowledge to young people who when motivated can be agents of change. He works as a researcher on several projects from collecting data on refugees in Ghana for a global study to field-based case studies and agronomic trials to policy research.

J. Macedo, A. A. Macedo, & A. R. Macedo

His researches focus on the exploring the environmental impacts of warehousing refugees in camps, integrating refugees in the host country, waste management in displaced settings, environmental constraints relative to the placement of resettled refugees, the assessment and placement of refugees’ students in the US school systems, sustainable agriculture, climate change, biochar & CCS mechanisms and edible sustainable landscape. He’s proficient in qua, quan and spatial analytic environments including StatPlus, Atlas.ti, NVivo, MAXQDA,Dedoose, QDA Miner Lite, Freelist/Pilesort, PSAW Statistics, SAS/JMP Pro, Excel, Access, SNA, CBA, GIS, SuperSurvM3 (Mobile GIS), and Remote Sensing.

Educational Summary

Macedo holds an Associate of Arts degree in Agriculture Education and Development Studies from the West African College of Sustainable Development (WACOSD) in Accra, Ghana. He later resettled in the United States as a refugee in early November 2006 and few months later matriculated in the Bachelor of Science in Sociology with minor in Geography at Worcester State University (WSU) (formerly known as Worcester State College (WSC)) in the Summer of 2007.

Clark Alumni MA-IDSC ’12 & MSc. – ES&P’14

He officially upgraded his degree status to dual-Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Geography with a concentration in Environmental Studies in 2009 after successfully completing the academic requirement for his primary degree in Sociology and all the core and elective courses for his minor in Geography qualified to declare a major or second degree. With the extra load, commitment and desire to continue to pursue his studies, he took an additional semester to complete the last 9 required courses for the BS in Geography, while completing two parallel academic thesis for both majors. With the support of his family friends, Macedo successfully completed both BS degrees from WSU in the Spring of 2010.

After his academic works at WSU, he matriculated in the Master of Arts degree in International Development and Social Change at the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE) at Clark University in the Fall of 2010. He specializes in Sustainable Development with emphasis in Environment and Waste Management in displaced settings.  He completed his studies with an academic thesis based on field research with refugees in Ghana. His thesis received academic distinction from the Academic Thesis Committee of three Professors.

Armed with the knowledge and expertise as a development professional, Macedo felt the need to pursue the Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) with specialization in Sustainability Science of Natural Systems, which he completed in December 2014 after an 8-month field research in Lao PDR funded by the Center for Global Food Security at Purdue University.

CGIAR Climate-Smart Agriculture Assessment Team for Southeast Asia Project in Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Lao PDR facilitated in Lao PDR by IWMI

His academic research thesis is base on Enhancing Productivity and Livelihoods among Smallholder Irrigators through Biochar and Fertilizer Amendments at Ekxang Village, Vientiane Province, Lao PDR and other related papers derived as a result of the research project conducted at the International Water Management Institute in Vientiane, Lao PDR.


He currently serves in  a professional role as the Statistical Analyst/Predictive Modeler at Road Scholar, where he’s responsible for all matters related to statistical analysis and predictive modeling in support of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

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