Core Values

At INDESEEM Incorporated, we embrace and foster data-driven decisions that are grounded on sustainability, collaborative partnership, teamwork, responsible stewardship, accountability, transparency, participation, honesty, efficiency and reliability of Services to ensure we co-create the environment and conditions necessary to support life processes of humans and nature to continue to co-exist in productive harmony to support and sustain our present needs without compromising the need of similar resources for future generations.


The concept of sustainability informs all of our decisions as an organization. We look beyond the present when formulating and making projects’ decisions that may have direct or indirect impacts on the physical, social, economic, environmental, and natural resources of our partners and stakeholders.

Collaborative Partnership

Together with our teams, partners and stakeholders, we can build a better world in which shared visions are pursued by unifying our resources to achieve common goals. In a collaborative partnership, we consider the full participation of members and partners to ensure our mutual goals and objectives are acknowledged to ensure that our work meets the stated goals and objectives. This process emphasizes the common subject of our collaboration over the functional titles of individual members and statuses of represented organizations. In this partnership, we pledge our commitment to be transparent, respectful and courteous to each other while acknowledging shared challenges and opportunities for mutual growth and development base on mutual trust.


We evidently believe that teamwork is the engine that drives an organization and gets projects done. We speak teamwork from the day a project is initiated up until closure. We believe that every member of our team is a unique individual and project partner with distinct expertise and experiences that are valued by the organization, our partners, and stakeholders.

Responsible Stewardship

We believe in ensuring the sustainability of our resources by responsible stewardship which is crucial to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Responsible stewardship to us is the careful and responsible preparation, handling, delivery, and management of resources in our possession as an organization or entrusted to us by our partners.


Like responsible stewardship, accountability is our ability to be responsible for materials goods and services entrusted to us for both the public and private entities. We hold all of our staff members from the management to field officers to specialists and scholars accountable for their actions. Part of this accountability involves the responsible use of financial and material resources in our control. As an organization, it is our obligation to give an account of our activities and processes, to accept the responsibility for the outcomes and to release information or results transparently without directly or indirectly withholding any information. Accountability and responsible stewardship are inseparable and are both crucial to trust building processes.


The ability to operate openly and fairly, such that, it is easy to identify how operations are planned, implemented, monitored, and evaluated across the organization speaks into the transparency with which we hold our staff and operate with our partners. To us as an organization, transparency implies openness in communication, accountability, and stewardship, which eventually leads to performance improvement, ensure trust in our work from our partners and stakeholders thereby improving individual and organizational growth.


Participation is one of the overused and certainly misused words in development. At INDESEEM, participation involves the joint and collaborative decision-making measure in projects goals development, resource allocation, benefits sharing, and teamwork to ensure, foster and improve employees’ and partners’ commitment to a shared collective good.


This attribute is the moral compass of our work and it constitutes the highest level of private and public trust in what we do. Honesty in our work means being unconditionally fair and straightforwardness in our conduct as individuals and works as an organization and with the services we provide to our partners. We encourage the environment that promotes and enhances honesty.


Our partners and stakeholders rely on us for the delivery of the services we provide. As such, we remain committed to providing efficient services to our partners. The efficiency of service delivery involves reducing complex steps and processes into fewer actionable and understandable steps and processes as possible. Given that our goal is to meet the direct and indirect goals of our partners, we are committed to ensuring that services deliver meets the highest most efficiency criteria.


Within our logic, reliability means our ability to consistently meet and deliver the expected outcomes or milestones of our partners base on their demand without shortfalls or failures. It also means presenting results and outcomes that are credible, tested, and validated to ensure that we are presenting results to our partners that are evidence-based with best practices in the fields of our expertise.