Our Partners

We consider partnership as the engine that drives development. We work towards enhancing partnerships for development by establishing connections and relationships with community-based organizations, other nonprofits and for-profit organizations, research institutions, development organizations, and governments that have shared values, goals, and development objectives.

We believe that a collaborative partnership is a hallmark needed to collectively address the many challenges and opportunities our world is faced with today. In every partnership relationship, we are guided by our principles and core values through entrusting partnerships, together, we can achieve the Global Agenda by 2030 and beyond.

In partnership, we pledge our commitment to continue to nurture opportunities to transform human life to yield positive outcomes, to improve and enhance the physical and natural environment to sustain future generations, while meeting the needs of minority groups by providing opportunities to increase their resilience to vulnerable conditions and working towards the eradication of those vulnerable situations and conditions.

As an emerging nonprofit and non-governmental research and development organization, we welcome collaborative partnerships with both state and non-state development agencies and community-based organizations to work towards shared goals and objectives.

If you and your organization are interested in working with us, please complete the Partnership Registration Form (PRF) here. This form is intended to gather basic information about the partnership relationship you seek to establish with us and to help our teams better understand your organization’s needs, goals, and objectives.

Filling out the PRF does not establish an agreement or does not indicate a commitment between INDESEEM and your organization until we have exhausted the partnership development process and both organizations have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC), which brings into effect the partnership agreement.