The vision of the corporation is to enhance partnerships for development. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Corporation Division identification number for INDESEEM Inc’s filed Article of Incorporation is 001301623 and Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 82-3527856.

The organization’s mission is to deliver reliable and credible technical and non-technical solutions and services to our partners to collaboratively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and beyond.

INDESEEM INCORPORATED is governed by its Board of Directors and the daily activities of the organization are managed by the Corporate Management team of experts and professionals.

The bylaws provide details information of the organization’s name, location corporate and nonprofit purposes as well as information about its governance structure, corporate staff, organizational membership, meeting procedures and processes, conflict if interests and compensation, indemnification, organizational publications, amendments requirements and procedures, our core values, and partnerships.

The bylaws were reviewed and adopted the Board of Directors with inputs and recommendations provided by all staff across the agency. A copy of the bylaw will be made public on our website and shall review and updated annually by the Board of Directors.




Samual Jacob-Abbey, President

Board of Directors – INDESEEM INC.


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INDESEEM INCORPORATED BYLAWS                                                              Dec. 12, 2017