Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Samuel Jacobs-Abbey, President, PhD., MBA.

DGPQ9492[1]Samuel is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Operations at the International Center for Policy and Social Change. He has a background in International Humanitarian Law with in-depth knowledge and extensive study in Conflict Management and Peace Building processes. A diplomat and a United Nations Ambassador at Large. Samuel holds a Ph.D. in Health Services with a Special concentration in Public Health Policy. Master of Business Administration degree with a specialized concentration in Healthcare Management and a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. A graduate of Institute of Comparative Studies, University of Connecticut.

Samuel is the host of Weekend Nite Live on Be Inspired Podcast Network. An innovative and a cutting-edge radio program full of inspiration and information with a mission to provide a platform that helps people solve problems, make informed decisions, and craft solutions to address society’s most complex and controversial issues. 

He became a member of the Board of Directors of INDESEEM in 2017 was duly elected President of the Board of Directors on September 1, 2017.


Anthony Akuoko Oduro, Vice President, MBA, MA, & Msc.


Anthony OdiAnthony recently received his MBA from Clark University and a Master of Arts in Community Development & Planning. Prior to his academic works at Clark, he earned a Master of Science in Development & Innovation from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands as well as a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University Cape Coast, Ghana. He currently works in Milford at the Commercial Credit Analyst at the Milford Federal Savings and Loans Association.

I have known Anthony for over 6 years and we shared similar interests in development, agronomy, and food security in developing countries. Having Anthony as a member of the Board will further our goal within the nonprofit sector. Anthony is originally from Ghana. Anthony became a member of the Board of Directors in 2017 and was elected Vice President of the Board of Directors in September 2017.


Afrifa Yamoah Mensah, Associate Vice President, BS.

IMG_5208[1]Afrifa is originally from Kumasi Ghana and holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Development. He is the Founder of Afrimens Academy – an educational nonprofit organization based in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The vision of his organization is to provide quality education to rural communities in Ghana with a specific focus on math, science, technology, and cultural studies. Afrifa is currently in Ghana to ensure that the building of the school is completed as scheduled. He lives in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Jenkins Macedo, Secretary, Dual Bsc., MA., Msc.

IMG_4871[1]Macedo holds a Master of Arts degree in International Development and Social Change and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States of America. He holds a double Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology and Geography with Concentrations in Environmental Studies and Forced Migration from Worcester State University.

His research interests include climate-smart agriculture, forced migration and refugees, environment, climate change, global food security, youth development, cultural exchange, and creative arts. He has conducted field research projects in the United States of America, Ghana, Lao PDR, Indonesia, and Liberia. He has written and contributed to several publications and presented at major conferences in the United States, Canada, France, Laos, and Ghana.

Macedo has over 10 years of combined professional experience working with various institutions and agencies including Children’s Aid Direct UK (CAD), European Economic Community (EEC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), RESPECT International & RESPECT Ghana, Unite for Sight, Regional Environment Council (REC), Commonwealth Corporation (CommonCorps), International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and Road Scholar. He’s a member of several professional organizations including the Project Management Institute, Association of American Geographers, American Sociological Association, and the International Geographic Honor Society. Macedo started INDESEEM in 2014 while in Laos. You may access his full curriculum vitae at CV.


Latoya Jones, Treasurer, Ph.D. Candidate

Latoya JonesLatoya is currently a doctoral student at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and is currently in South Africa doing her research work towards her degree. She earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Clark University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, Environmental Policy Institutions, and Behaviors from Rutgers University.

She is the Founder of Sustainable Jones, LLC – an environmental consulting company which specializes in environmental communication, energy audits, sustainability plans, environmental health and safety, project management, and research. I have known Latoya since 2012 and we’ve worked on few projects together including winning a grant with the New Economy Institute to conduct a summit at Clark University which promote new/local economies. Latoya lives in New Jersey.


Advisory Council


Derick A. Lila, Member, BSc., MSc., Ph.D. Candidate

Derick A. Lila

Derick is originally from Bamenda, Cameroon and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree at Trent University in Ontario, Canada where he’s studying biomaterials and synthesis with the focus on environmentally ‘friendly’ polymers for use in the manufacture of lubricants. His work also focuses on plastic waste and pollutants, getting involved in this program couldn’t be but a real advantage. He holds a Master of Science from Clark University in Environmental Science and Policy and both Master and Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Yaoundé, Yaoundé, Cameroon.

He has an extensive background in natural sciences and a repertoire of interdisciplinary study on two continents. He has a passion sustainable economic growth and development and strongly believes that clean environment, in which water quality, health, and eco-social values are foster are the recipes for success and sound policy.

Key Expertise: Environmental Science, Policy, Clean Energy, Solar Energy, Environmental Law & Pollution, Waste Management, Environmental Compliance.


Joseph Jarbah, Member, BA


Joseph earned his Bachelor of Science in Global Development from the Seattle Pacific University. He is the Executive Director for Children’s Welfare International – a non-profit organization based in the US with accreditation to operate in Liberia as a non-governmental organization which focuses on educational enrichment, college preparation, and career development services for low income and underserved communities in the US and scholarship opportunities, nutritious residential facility and additional family support services in Liberia.

Children’s Welfare International vision is to provide a better future for every child. I have known Joseph for about 20 years now and our relationships go as far back to your work with the Church of Christ in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Liberia. Joseph currently lives in Seatle, Washington and has expressed interest in becoming a member of the Board of Directors of INDESEEM. He’s originally from Liberia.