Board Application

FINDESEEM is an emerging non-profit and non-governmental research and development organization that is based in Westborough, Massachusetts with efforts being made to establish field offices in Liberia, Ghana, and Lao PDR. As an organization, we focus on providing technical and non-technical solutions and services to partners in developing and least developed countries to impact development projects, outcomes, and deliverables.

INDESEEM is a public benefit organization, as such, we are recruiting members to interested in being part of our Board of Directors. WE appreciate and recognize the works and contributions of dedicated men and women in our communities with the passion, drive, motivation, and courage to create the world where shared values are respected, shared-goals are pursued, and partnerships are encouraged and sustained to meet our current needs while protecting and conserving those of future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors of INDESEEM, please download and complete the Board of Directors Membership Application Form.

You can email or mail your completed BDMAF and other credentials to:
Jenkins Macedo
135 E. Main Street
Unit- V10
Westborough, MA 01581