Why Intern With Us?

Internships are important for the growth and development of the host organization, partners, and interns. The time you commit, your strengthens, and weaknesses are all valued. We provide the needed resources for interns to achieve their maximum potentials. We nurture the environment that sustains growth and development. Our goal is to make complex work fun, exciting, challenging. We understand that every minute that you devote to our organization is precious, timeless, and relevant. Learning is a personal and institutional journey and we provide the safe work environment to realize your goals.

We encourage, nurture, and sustain a work-culture that emphasizes personal and professional growth through coaching, mentorship, and leadership. The physical and mental wellbeing of our staff and their families are critical elements of personal and institutional growth and development.

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Position Summary Location Application Deadline
Social Media Campaign Manager To ensure that our social media platforms are active, engaging, visible, and continues to drive traffic to our website. Remote & Global January 1, 2019
Grants Database Developer & Manager  To develop a relational database to be hosted on our website to track funding sources that we could use to source funding. Remote & Global January 1, 2019
Proposal & Grant Analyst To prepare proposals by determining concept; gathering and formatting information; writing drafts; obtaining approvals. Remote & Global January 30, 2019