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Supporting creation of institutional platform of 45 million women for social and economic empowerment in rural India: The National Rural Livelihoods Mission

SUBMITTED BY PARMESH SHAH ON FRI, 06/16/2017 CO-AUTHORS: VIVEK PRASAD , MRINALINI PENUMAKA In the early morning at Dadar station in metropolitan Mumbai, a common sight is unloading of tons of jasmine and marigold flowers packed in jute sacks. Flowers come from Jawhar block located in the district […]

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Go Fund: Ekxang Community Resource Center

Jenkins M Photo Credit: Hansila S.   You can fund this project by making your kind donation at: Ekxang Community Resource Center Introduction In 2013, I (Jenkins Macedo) was privileged to have won a research grant from the Center of Global Food Security at Purdue University  to undertake a field research project […]

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