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Australia to ax support for long-term ecology sites

By John PickrellAug. 11, 2017 , 5:10 PM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—The Simpson Desert of central Australia is as starkly beautiful as it is ecologically entrancing. Ranks of rusty red sand dunes run unbroken for hundreds of kilometers. During rare years with sustained downpours, moist swales are carpeted with spiky spinifex […]

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Dubai wants to be ‘world’s happiest city’

Written by: John Keenan. Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 The United Arab Emirates recently appointed its first ‘minister for happiness’, underlining Dubai’s ambitious plan to become the happiest city on the planet. But a new report suggests there is still much work to be done. Dubai’s ambition to […]

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Family Vacation in Bali, Indonesia

Terima Kasih for visiting this blog! In this blog, I will do my best to provide some information about my travels, living experiences, and encounters in Southeast Asia and more specifically, Laos. Firstly, I had a wonderful time with my wife and son (Aaron) who just turned 16 […]

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