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Aaron Nii Lawson

Country Director

Aaron Lawson specializes in community and positive youth development and is a certified educator by profession.

Aaron Lawson is originally from Ghana and has lived and worked in the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Development Management from the Ghana Christian University, an Associate of Arts degree in Administration of Justice, and an Advanced Diploma in Youth in Development Work from Institute of Adult Education – University of Ghana Legon. Aaron has over 10 years of combined professional experience in regional and rural development, youth development, community development, project management, and education.

He currently serves as the Relationship Account Manager at the CWG, PLC. -a leading provider of information and communications technologies in Africa.

In 2008, Aaron was awarded a prestigious scholarship to live and work in the US. That program allowed him to travel to the US State of Arizona where he worked and was trained in Positive Youth Development with Rite Of Passage (ROP) in Queen Creek. Aaron and I worked at RESPECT Ghana where he served as Youth Development Worker and was instrumental in the strategic planning and implementation of the One World Africa Youth Summit held at the University of Ghana, Legon.