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Jenkins Macedo

Executive Director(10 Years)

Macedo specializes in organizational development, management, organizational development, applied research, monitoring & evaluation, sustainability assessment, predictive analytics, international development, environment, climate change, agriculture, and sustainable development.

Macedo holds a Master of Arts degree in International Development and Social Change and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science and Policy both from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in the United States. He also holds a double Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Geography with Concentrations in Environmental Studies from Worcester State University. He holds several professional certifications within the social services sector with an emphasis on autism, youth development, and social justice. He earned an Associate of Arts degree in Agricultural Education from the West African College of Sustainable Development with academic affiliation and assistance from the University of Education located in Winneba, Ghana where he was trained as an educator.

Macedo taught Agricultural and General Science at the Junior and Senior High School levels in Ghana. In the US, he taught Mathematics at the Middle School level for 7 years at the Worcester Public School Systems. He is a trained Applied Behavior Analyst with years of experience in specialized instructions for children with mental, developmental, and physical disabilities. He earned a High National Diploma in Biblical Studies from the International Institute of Biblical Studies in Cape Town, South Africa.

His research interests include climate-smart agriculture, forced migration and refugees, environment, climate change, global food security, youth development, cultural exchange, and creative arts. He has conducted field research projects in the United States of America, Ghana, Lao PDR, Indonesia, and Liberia. He has written and contributed to several publications and presented at major conferences in the United States, Canada, France, Laos, and Ghana.

Macedo has over 10 years of combined professional experience working with various institutions and agencies including Children’s Aid Direct UK (CAD), European Economic Community (EEC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), RESPECT International & RESPECT Ghana, Unite for Sight, Regional Environment Council (REC), Commonwealth Corporation (CommonCorps), International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and Road Scholar. He’s a member of several professional organizations including the Project Management Institute, Association of American Geographers, American Sociological Association, and the International Geographic Honor Society.

He started INDESEEM, Inc. in 2013 while in Lao PDR during year-long field research at the International Water Management Institute. His research at IWMI was funded by the Center for Global Food Security at Purdue University in partnership with USAID and CIMMYT. In 2011, Macedo also won an academic research grant awarded by Compton Foundation as part of the foundation’s commitment to promote and enhance international development, environment, and sustainability in developing countries. You may access his full curriculum vitae here. Macedo is an active member and power user of SAS Institution analytics.

His key expertise includes organizational development, applied research, monitoring & evaluation, sustainability assessment, predictive analytics, modeling, international development, environment, climate change, agriculture, sustainable communities, forced migration, and human security.