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Lawrence Yeoh

Project Manager

Lawrence specializes in sustainable agriculture, community engagement, participation, research, primary and secondary education.

Lawrence Yeoh holds an Associate of Arts degree in Agriculture Education and Teaching as a Career. He has several professional certificates in Agriculture and agricultural practices, Project Cycle Management and Community Engagement, Education Research, Alternative Basic Education, TVET Fundamentals, Curriculum Development Process,  Project Management and Proposal, Advocacy, Psychology of Education, Sociology of Education, Introduction to Teaching, Classroom management, Principles of Education, Social and Environmental Studies, Religious and Moral Education, Life Skills & HIV/AIDS Education, English. He is a team player and has attained certificates of honor from IBIS/Oxfam for his commitment and long service and as a team builder.

Most of his work has been in the field of education, and has over 10 years of combined professional experience working with various institutions and agencies including IBIS, Oxfam UK, Refugee Baptist School System, Unite for Sight, Children’s Aid Direct UK (CAD), European Economic Community (EEC), and Save the Future Foundation (SAFF).