Our Impact

Impact areas are thematic objectives that we seek to achieve within the framework of the sustainable development goals. We use the Specific, Measurable, Achievable Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) approach to assess, monitor and evaluate projects, outcomes, and impacts. The approaches we employ ensure sustainability, demonstrate quality performance and promote positive change. The processes we follow ensure that our partners enjoy a working relationship and environment that promotes friendship, quality of work, security, reliability, and transparency. We conduct and deliver quality results in research, development, and education in line with each of the listed thematic areas.

Our impact areas are aligned with specific goals and targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the SMART approach, we ensure to deliver core results timely and within specific development goals.

  1. Ensuring sustainability
  2. Protecting the environment and climate
  3. Improving agriculture and food systems
  4. Reducing poverty and inequality
  5. Advancing health and sanitation
  6. Assisting forced migrants
  7. Supporting community-led social business
  8. Enhancing Information & Communications Technology (ICT)