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Terms of Use of the Digital Library

The purpose of the Digital Library is to provide our stakeholders and web visitors with internal and external digital resources with relevant content and materials to facilitate education, information sharing, and to enhance development partnerships to achieving Agenda 2030 and beyond. We encourage you to use the listed resources and materials judiciously and appropriately referencing their sources and INDESEEM in line with established academic and scientific citations. Please note that INDESEEM will not be held accountable for the reliability, accuracy, legitimacy, and recency of the content or materials published on Third Party websites. Third Party, in this case, refers to the sources and authors of contents and materials published in this Digital Library. If you are interested in using and or republishing any materials, please contact the original authors or sources where the materials were initially published to seek the appropriate permission to do so. The materials posted in this Digital Library are for educational and information use ONLY.

If you know additional resources that could be useful to add to this list, please email us at and we will be glad to access it and add to the Digital Library.


International Conferences and Conventions

Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



IRRI’s Books Catalog


Pest Control & Management

Rodent Management – This is a venue for rodent scientists, researchers, and students to learn about each other’s projects and activities.