The Power and Flexibility of the Response Screening Platform in SAS JMP Pro

Response Screening in JMP Pro 12

This visual guide builds on the work of SAS JMP Pro 12 Response Screening Linear Fit Model Platform. Response screening is a vital component in statistical and predictive analytics. It is very important to conduct response screening to understand the effects of each factor or input variables on the response or predicted variables.

If you are working with huge datasets, response screening cut back the time it would require you to conduct other statistical tests, such as, Bivariate, ANOVA, MONOVA, etc to test the effects of each input variable to the response. SAS JMP Pro 12 has a very useful response screening platform. Your results are tabulated as well as presented in graphical forms along with all the essential statistics to make the right call.

For more information on how to conduct response screening analysis in JMP, please visit this link: Response Screening Platform.