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Tag: Forest Research

The agriculture-forest interface is the key to achieving global restoration goals

BY ALEX DE PINTO AND SALOME BEGELADZE POSTED | NOVEMBER 9, 2017 Deforestation and forest degradation are causing ecological and socioeconomic problems in every part of the world. It is well known that these impact the climate by increasing atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide—affecting the environment and communities globally. Degradation of land and soil also poses substantial […]

Paying people to protect forests is worth it

Participants in the PES program receiving their payments for conserving trees. A new Northwestern University study suggests that paying people to conserve their trees could be a highly cost-effective way to reduce deforestation and carbon emissions and should be a key part of the global strategy to fight climate change. The study, led by Seema […]

Land-rights policies in Latin America still fall short, studies show

By: BARBARA FRASER JUNE 18, 2017 Scientists present their findings on forest tenure and land use at a major conference in Peru Peru – Latin American countries have made progress in granting land rights to communities in recent years. Nevertheless, policies often fail to consider the diversity of those communities and the different ways they use their land. […]

Sustainable agriculture for healthy forests

By Katelyn Roett / June 5, 2017 TEXCOCO, Mexico (CIMMYT) –  Farmers in Mexico’s ecologically-fragile Yucatán Peninsula are beginning to adopt innovative practices to manage traditional mixed-cropping systems called “milpas” that can slow or even stop deforestation and soil degradation. Agriculture is the second-largest emitter of global greenhouse gas emissions and largest driver of deforestation, making the […]

East Africa: An urgent need to monitor the forests

ANALYSIS by: ESTHER MWANGI & LAURA VANESSA MUKHWANA: – The region looks to a new observatory to help protect its remaining forests. Africa – East Africa is home to some of the world’s most diverse forests: Montane forests, which include some of the highest and oldest mountains in Africa; coastal forests; Miombo woodlands; tropical rain forests; and mangrove forests. […]

Collective forest tenure reforms: Where do we go from here?

  ANALYSIS – A scientist’s reflection on the 2017 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty The recent World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, held this past March in Washington D.C., provided a unique opportunity to reflect on collective land tenure reforms not only from a research point of view, but also from that of […]

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