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Sustainable agriculture for healthy forests

By Katelyn Roett / June 5, 2017 TEXCOCO, Mexico (CIMMYT) –  Farmers in Mexico’s ecologically-fragile Yucatán Peninsula are beginning to adopt innovative practices to manage traditional mixed-cropping systems called “milpas” that can slow or even stop deforestation and soil degradation. Agriculture is the second-largest emitter of global greenhouse gas emissions […]

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CIAT-CCAFS Science Informed $250 Million World Bank Climate-Smart Agriculture Investment

By: Evan Girvetz Climate Change and Soils e.girvetz@cgiar.org The Challenge Kenya is highly vulnerable to serious threats posed by climate change and highly dependent on climate-sensitive natural resources. Given the extent of uncertainties in understanding how different systems, departments, and crops would likely be affected, there is a need for […]

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World Green Economy leaders look for ways to spark a new green revolution – and set a path to the 2030 Agenda

EXTERNAL COOPERATION |March 27, 2017 Leading economists, CEOs, ministers, heads of UN agencies and high-level representatives from nongovernmental organizations meet today in Berlin Countries donate close to €15 million to boost inclusive green economy Uruguay and Guyana join the Partnership for Action on Green Economy Around 40 ministers, […]

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