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INDESEEM is an emerging research and development nonprofit organization working with partners in developing and least developed countries to providing technical and non-technical support services to ensure that we and our partners achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and beyond.

INDESEEM Welcomes Board Officers

Members of the Board of Directors of INDESEEM, today, elected few officers of the Board who are charged with the authority to lead and govern the operations of the organization. The officers elected include President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other officers yet to be elected shall include Vice President […]

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INDESEEM Welcomes a Team of Specialists

We are pleased to welcome Lawrence Morris, Aaron Lawson, and Raphael Darko to our team. They have decided to join our team of Technical Specialists with multidisciplinary skills, expertise, and experiences. They bring to INDESEEM over 37 years combined experiences in the fields of governance and diplomacy, regional […]

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International Students: Tips to Strive in the US Workplace

Each year thousands of international students arrive in the United States to pursue higher education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the obvious reasons include attaining better education, taking advantage of the opportunities during their studies to acquire job-related skills and professional experiences, to build and sustain […]

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Gains for grains

By T V JAYAN. Published on July 4, 2017 An agri project handholds farmers as they turn climate smart Saving our farms from the devastating impacts of climate change is an ardent task, given the latter’s unpredictable bearing. But the number-crunching by multiple scientific groups all over the […]

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Can development and conservation go hand in hand in Colombia’s Orinoquia region?

by Glenn Hyman| Aug 10, 2017 A diverse group of environmental and private sector specialists met in Bogotá last week to discuss how to achieve sustainable development in Colombia’s Orinoquia region. Meeting participants explored possible scenarios of sustainable development that reconcile nature protection and improve human well-being. Organized by […]

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