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INDESEEM is an emerging research and development nonprofit organization working with partners in developing and least developed countries to providing technical and non-technical support services to ensure that we and our partners achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and beyond.

New study: Up to 7 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere each year through better soil management on farm land

by Georgina Smith | Nov 14, 2017 By better managing farmland soil, the amount of carbon stored in the top 30 centimeters of the soil could increase an extra 0.9 to 1.85 gigatons each year, say authors of a new study published today in Scientific Reports. This is equivalent to carbon globally emitted by […]

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Cambodian farmers participate in cross-site visits to learn about Integrated Pest Management practices

 By Xenina Ibabao at 1:54 PM, Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Farmers adapt new technologies by integrating new knowledge to existing practices based on their present conditions. The Ecologically-based Participatory Integrated Pest Management for rice in Cambodia (EPIC) Project, through its Learning Alliance platform, facilitated cross-site visits among farmers that enabled them to […]

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On the trail of ancient treasure in Peru

By Neil Palmer @ CIAT It’s down there somewhere. Treasure. At least, it was. Almost thirty years ago. Looking out over Peru’s Sacred Valley, Daniel Debouck checks his map. The same one as before, impeccably preserved. But Daniel is no ordinary treasure hunter. What he’s looking for is […]

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Board of Directors & Staff Dinner

MESSAGE FROM HOST You Are Invited! Please come and celebrate our success by the signing of the bylaws of INDESEEM by the Board of Directors.   We look forward seeing you and hope you can confirm your attendance as soon as possible.   For Board Members and Staff […]

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INDESEEM Welcomes Board Officers

Members of the Board of Directors of INDESEEM, today, elected few officers of the Board who are charged with the authority to lead and govern the operations of the organization. The officers elected include President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Other officers yet to be elected shall include Vice President […]

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