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A new era for development

By Jeremy Greenstock Chairman, United Nations Association – UK, Natalie Samarasinghe Executive Director, United Nations Association – UK Making the SDGs count will require global cooperation, public involvement and effective institutions that transcend the buzzwords of “partnerships”, “engagement” and “reform” The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) […]

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World Green Economy leaders look for ways to spark a new green revolution – and set a path to the 2030 Agenda

EXTERNAL COOPERATION |March 27, 2017 Leading economists, CEOs, ministers, heads of UN agencies and high-level representatives from nongovernmental organizations meet today in Berlin Countries donate close to €15 million to boost inclusive green economy Uruguay and Guyana join the Partnership for Action on Green Economy Around 40 ministers, […]

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Your Pot Habit Is Making Climate Change Worse

By John R. Platt / TakePart October 11, 2016 Energy consumption by indoor cannabis farms will soon rival that of data centers.   What’s the carbon cost of legal marijuana? It turns out that every little joint and edible adds up. A new report finds that marijuana cultivation accounts for as much […]

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